Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Birdcages and freedom

Ideas come to us when we least expect them. A few days ago I was watching a silly little bird hoping along my fence, doing whatever little birds do, it looked so happy and free, when I remember that there are people that have them at home in birdcages! What a horrible thing to do, to deprive an animal from its freedom! That's when I had an idea for my next project, I was going to make a birdcage with a bird in crochet ( after all a crochet bird doesn't go anywhere). This was going to be a challenge, a cage has a rigid structure and I was going to use a soft material to do it.
I thought using a thin wire I could make it work. I was wrong! It turn out a horrible thing that I didn't complete.
I needed a different approach.
This one I like, it looks like a circus tent birdcage, it has some imperfections but a handmade item will never be perfect. Those imperfections give character to the objects. This is a cute birdcage, makes me smile but it is not at all like the one I had in my mind.
I made another one, this time I kept faithful to my original idea, and
I got it, this is it. A birdcage made of soft cotton. It should have made me happy and proud but it didn't, the bird looks sad. Real or not the concept is the same, a bird lost its freedom.
Yes, I know I'm crazy, but I was not happy. What I needed to do was something cute but more bird friendly, so
I made a bird house. It's my first one, it needs many improvements but I am now on the right path.