Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pretty things

Last week I decided to make a cover for my kindle. Kindles are great but they look a bit plain when they're sitting on a bedside table. When I showed it to M he looked at me and went on a rant, exactly as I knew he would. He doesn't understand the use of a phone case, or kindle cover nor any other type of covers. People pay good money to have a well designed device and then  cover it with a €5 plastic case. He has a point but I argue that cases and covers keep the devices safe. We use them to personalise our phones, to make them unique, to make a statement. But  it's all nonsense, we just like pretty things! We want pretty phone cases or kindle covers, cute key chains and purses and bags, lots and lots of pretty bags. We love to have nice cushions on our sofas and  colourful pans on our hobs. We like to prettify everything and ourselves, we use jewellery, makeup, we're for ever buying clothes and shoes. That's us, women.
Men are different, or is it just him?
M and I  have been together for half of our lives, we share the same opinion on a multitude of things, we understand and support each other, we learnt from each other, we changed and grew together as persons and still he cannot grasp the concept of pretty and cute! How is it possible?! After so many years with me buying useless stuff just because the colour is nice and bright.  Is this inability of appreciating something by its prettiness a male thing or is it only M that was born with a missing gene?
Pretty and cute things make us smile, when we smile our bodies release hormones, one of them being dopamine our pleasure neurotransmitter. It also increases our energy, focus, mood, alertness and libido (there is much more health benefits of smiling, google it and you will be smiling all day long). So, men you should all make an effort to appreciate and smile with daft things.
M, I am going to make you a kindle cover with a smiley face 😉.