Saturday, 29 June 2013

Media Overload?

These days everybody is very concerned about children. On the radio you can hear all sorts of "specialists" explaining why kids shouldn't spend so much time in the internet and how vigilant parents should be. Marco, to follow the trend, is very worried about Marta and Vera. They spend too much time with their phones (true), they don't help at home (true), they're grumpy and rude (unfortunately also true) and they don't know what's going on in the world. So why am I not worried? I must be a terrible mother!
I grew up without internet, if I wanted to learn something or clarify a doubt I had to walk to the library (it never happened, too lazy). Having all the information I want in my home is very exciting, so when I want to learn something, being it the capital of a country or playing the guitar, I google it. Children see it all in a different way,
computers and internet are for entertainment. Remember when you wanted peace and quiet, and you  sat your children in front of the computer with an "educative game" ?
Yes, children spend to much time on computers and TV, but do we give them alternatives? You cannot just restrict their media time they won't understand and they will fight you. You need to entertain them!
My kids are media addicted, but aren't they learning some skills? Vera spends her time chatting and face timing with friends, for her it's all about being popular, having lots of friends and managing those friendships. Marta has a fan page on Instagram with more than1600 followers. She knows everything about hashtags, shout outs  and statistics, she knows what people want to see, what they want to talk about. Sure they don't have any idea of what the word leaders are doing, but neither do I!
My kids are smart and very determined, they will find their path and I hope that it will make them happy, for now it is up to us to steer them away from their "devices" even if it's only for an afternoon.