Monday, 12 August 2013


Today as I was checking my secret life on IG, I came across with #ticktuckfuk, the post by @deemoi was about her coping mechanism, her way of facing obstacles, screaming and shouting and get on with life. TickTuckFuk stayed with me for the rest of the day, it made me think about life, my life.
My generation was taught that you choose a profession, you go to college to learn it, you get a job and make a career. You never ever quit your job. So you study hard, you work hard and you buy a house and a car, you get married and have kids (and a couple of dogs). Then you buy a bigger house and a better car (and more kids and more dogs). I'm not saying that this is wrong, we need doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, (and maybe one or two lawyers and an economist), but should we really be doing the same thing day after day, after day until we die? Life is constantly changing around us, and so are we. We just need to accept it.
We are wonderful beings  built with the capacity to adapt to different environments. It's in our genes. Our bodies need to move and our minds need challenges to be healthy. So what do we fear? Failure? Well, failure doesn't exist! We invented the concept as an excuse for our refusal of changing, to keep us in a comfortable and safe environment.
And what about true happiness? Happiness is not about things you can buy, it's about moments spent with your loved ones. If you spend your life working long hours how can you build those moments, what memories will you have at the end of your journey?
For me, my most precious possession is my family, they are my  strength and as long as I have them I will always find a way to care and provide for them. 
I am now eight years different than I was when I came to Ireland, the clock is ticking, TickTockFock  it's time to move.