Friday, 28 June 2013

Am I crazy?

Last year I decided that I needed a much healthier lifestyle. Every body knows that when you want to change lifetime habits you need to take "baby steps", you change one thing at a time. The first step was the diet, lots of vegetables, fruit and lean protein (my meals look like a Dulux colour chart). Next  was exercising, that was when yoga became an important part of my life. So now I'm eating well, exercising everyday, I'm having fun  SUPing, and surfing with my family. I'm feeling great  inside and soon it will show on the outside. What else can I do for my quest of perfect health? Poisons!! I will try to avoid toxic substances, they are every where, but I will do my best. Water with fluoride, no thank you I'll buy spring water( I should install filters on my taps and put an end to toxic showers). And what about all those SLS in shampoo and shower gel? I'll get Castille soap, it's natural and does body and hair.
 So how much is too much? Where is the line between being healthy and being crazy? Should I be worried when I try to relieve sinus pressure with a headstand or get rid of headaches with some deep breaths? or when I realise that I could eat all my beauty products? To be honest I don't care, I maybe mad as a brush but I've never felt as healthy and  strong as I do now, In body and mind.  I only have one question, how long does it take to show on the outside?