Sunday, 13 July 2014


Today I have something different. Today it's not going to be my usual rant or hymns to happiness.
Today I have an easy and fun tutorial.

I found a bag on Pinterest with an unusual shape that I thought was really nice and decided to make one myself. This bag requires a Furoshiki folding technique. I have to say that this folding business took me back to my secondary school days, to our paper plane competitions. Mine was always the loser!
As you can imagine, it shook a little bit my confidence, but I took it as a challenge. I was going to overcome another childhood trauma.
So I set myself to work and...
It was really easy, all you need is a rectangle with the length three times longer than its width, this one is 30x90cm, and fold its opposite corners:

Fold again like this:

and you have your bag. Easy!
Unfortunately my paper planes still don't fly.

If you want one of these bags but without the hassle, click here, if you choose to make one have fun.

Note, crochet can make you a little crazy, there is a lot of counting going on, to make a chain you count, you count the stitches, you count the rows. The other day I was chopping garlic and counting the slices :/