Sunday, 22 June 2014


I decided to change my blog's name. Tangled. That's me. I was walking on the string of life and I was caught in a knot! It's not a bad thing, but I will need some time to untangle myself and move on.
My mind moves too fast, it doesn't give me enough time to think each thing through! So I go from one idea  to another, from one project to the next and it feels that I am going around in circles when I could be moving forward.
While I try to untangle myself I am doing some crochet. I found out that I don't like to follow patterns, I prefer to create my own. I also realised that my mind likes to come up with  silly things! Normally when you think of crochet or knitting you think of blankets and jumpers, I think of owls, chicks and deer heads.

 I made some cushions, as well, (silly ones that I love very much)
But the one that I am really proud of is my deer head, it's my own design and it was a big challenge, after all, I only started to learn crochet a month ago.
I need to come up with some sort of frame, and yes it's silly but looking at it makes me happy, it brought me many moments of frustration but in the end I got it right. This head is my trophy, is a reminder of what I can accomplish.
Have a Happy day!