Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chronic complainer?!!!

The other day  one of my daughters accused me of complaining a lot! I am not a chronic complainer, I simply like to point out the wrongs that I see.
She wanted a frappuccino, a Starbucks Frappuccino "'cause they're the best" (they could be selling crap-puccinos and she still would want to go, Starbucks is not about the beverages its about lifestyle!).
So we went to Blackrock, the one there has a balcony with a lovely view over the Dublin Bay. Now imagine taking your coffee to that balcony, sitting down to enjoy the view. Now picture a black steel rail at your eye level, to actually look out you have to hunch down or grow tall in your chair, isn't that annoying?  All the Starbucks all over the world are pretty much the same, nice furniture, good wall art, they were able to design a place were people want to linger. Blackrock's Starbucks has the added bonus of a sea view, so why did they neglected it?  I pointed this to my daughter only to say that small details matter, they tell apart the average from the outstanding. The team that refurbished that Starbucks is average. I have no problem with average, I just think that it's  extremely easy to fall in mediocrity. One has to do something for a living, we might as well excel on it.
Being mediocre in your job and make a living out of it, it is only possible if your surrounded of equally mediocre people, but it happens more often than we think.
We are having local elections, every lamp post has about 4 gigantic smiley faces stuck on them. These posters aren't a piece of design, they're not suppose to be, all they have is a face, vote 1, a name and a political party. That's it. Their purpose is to print in your mind that face with that name is 1, simple. So how can someone screw it up, you may ask? Well, one candidate is called O'Brien, and the genius behind his campaign poster wrote in the same line  1 O'BRIEN, and even though the 1 is in a square it still reads 10BRIEN. Mr O'Brien should have seen the poster before it went to the printer.
Random picture
Maybe I am wrong, maybe the Starbuck's architect/builder/decorator sits in that balcony with his coffee and is assaulted by a feeling of pride and accomplishment, maybe I am just a weird, grumpy person and details are really not that important. And maybe Mr O'Brien gets to be number 10.
Nevertheless I would like my daughters to be the best they can be, so I will keep pointing the wrongs in the hope that they will do everything right.
And now a random picture, a technique that I learnt with the" Wicklow Times", you write an article and you include a picture that is ,in itself, another article not related with the first one( it's a two in one type of thing) clever!!
My picture is just for colour.
Have a nice day.