Wednesday, 14 May 2014

RIP Tv 1926-2014

I just bought tickets to take my 13 year old and he friend to see the Janoskians live.  Who are they?They are "youtubers". This is a brand new career! What started as a place to upload home videos to share with your friends is now a place to find new "talents" (by talent I mean many hits on their videos). I don't really know how it works, but I think that if a certain group or person has a huge number of views, alarms ring and someone decides "let's make money".  That's when youtubers take whatever they do on video to the stages all over the world. The Janoskians do silly things, a bit like "Jackass" and they're on tour making a living of something that started as a joke. Neat, isn't it?
My daughters don't watch TV anymore, all they do for easy entertainment is watching youtube videos. I still remember the day I got home and the TV was off and they were in their bedrooms. I thought they were sick!  I soon realised that I could finally watch what I wanted, the TV was all mine. After 2 evenings I was ready to go on Youtube and find my own youtubers.
 I never wasted much time watching TV, but now it really annoys me. The people responsible for choosing the shows to air are stuck in the 90s, back then there were only 2 choices, watch the bloody repeats or turn the TV off and endure an evening of silence.
There is a huge industry working day after day, year after year, making movies, series,  shows, and our beloved TV still airs "Friends"!!!! Where are all the new shows?!!
So TV is dead, and I can't say that I am sorry, it did a lot of damage with all the censuring and the "let's educate people". TV carved in  children's heads that nudity = sex = pornography!! ( I recently heard about an instagram account that was deleted because someone reported a picture of a mother breastfeeding her child as offensive, how sick is that?!)
You may think that internet is worse for kids, they can have access to both good and bad, but I say that it's the parents job to educate them according to their own beliefs and values. The more you expose the kids  the  more they will learn. (of course that you get a lot of surprises, one of my daughters was 10 years old when she offered to show me a "disgusting video" , it was actually "2 girls 1 cup" :( , another lesson learned). I want my daughters to be able to question everything,  to think for themselves, but that is so hard to achieve when everybody seems to want to imprint their own ways in their young minds! (recently my 16 year old was on a rant about Ryan Air, "they're really mean and now they want to buy Air Lingus!" the fact that Ryan Air's low fares allowed more people to fly was missed in the conversation! "My teacher says that that is bad and they shouldn't be allowed to buy it" Can we please have more intelligent teachers?)

I didn't want to rant today, all I wanted was to acknowledge the fact that big industries are so set in their ways that fail to see how everything is changing. If you don't move with time you don't have a chance. People don't accept mediocrity anymore, they look for what they like. TV, to survive has to change, it has to find its own niche and deliver quality.
As for myself, I am going to sell my TV, buy myself some more yarn, and spend my evenings doing my silly things.
Have a nice day.