Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Heading to the future

Wow, two posts in one day! I blame the crochet, it is not challenging enough so my brain, to keep me from dozing off, starts to remember things and probes me to write them down!
Here I was, working on my new hobby, when it came to my mind this really cool instrument that I saw a few days ago. It was invented in the 20s (I think) to draw the shape of the top of the head. Why, do you ask? To make hats. They were a big thing back then. What stayed with me was the simplicity of it. It was the shape of a hat, with its interior full of metal pins that move up when you put it in your head making a print on a paper. Very simple!

This next one was M that told me about. During WWII, cryptology was a precious tool. So these brainy guys came up with a machine to read and encrypt information based on an church organ!! Can you imagine this dude in Mass looking at the organ and thinking "you are going to quit music and start doing some maths for me"
I think that it takes a brilliant mind to look at something and see what it could be.
I love everything new, I just love every gadget, so when M started to tell me about bitcoin I was really excited "yay, virtual money and I can keep it in my phone!!" And for me, bitcoin, touchscreen and the likes equals Ironman and I love it. Of course there is much more to it, I also like the idea of making the banks obsolete, but where M sees what it can be I see fantasy. I can picture kids with their acne and their geek t-shirts on the cover of "Fortune", and bankers begging outside Starbucks (just kidding, bankers, like cars that run on petrol will never, will always be around).
But M sees so much more!! An that is when I remember that there are a few things that I cannot do. They're just a few, things like not recognising my own toothbrush, not being able to connect a name to a face, being unable to remember a password. My virtual best friend is the "reset password" button! But with bitcoin, you keep your money in your wallet and it doesn't come with password reset!   Yes I have tried writing it down, but when I need it I can't remember where I wrote it. Some years ago I bought my Windows7 phone and I started use the cloud to keep all the information that I could need. When I upgraded to a Windows8,  I had everything on line I had access to everything, all I needed to do was to link a few contacts. Pretty straight forward. Only now, every time I send an email the name that shows as the sender is" My pps ends in"!!!
So I mess up, I think I am not ready for the future.
Such a shame, I really like the future!!