Sunday, 16 February 2014

Life, boring life

It's Sunday evening and like every other Sunday evening I'm feeling that I wasted another weekend!
I didn't really waste anything, I spent time with my family, we took the dogs to the hills and it was nice, everybody was happy, I was happy. But tomorrow is Monday, the day it all starts again! Wake up early, work, have dinner, sleep. Boring routine! That's when we think that we are not living as we should, that somewhere something special is awaiting for us, we just need to find it. We are so intelligent and creative, surely we are destined for greatness. But that is not true, is it? There is no plan! Life is exactly as we see it. We are here with the sole purpose of reproducing, just like any other living being. We survive to multiply. We are the keepers of our species.
 The problem is that we made the survival too easy. Many people might disagree, but I think that anything is better than chasing a wild animal fist thing in the morning, I like my breakfast to lay quietly on my plate, I am not a morning person.
So survival is fairly easy, reproducing has no secrets, we are very trained on this one, what else is there? Nothing! There is nothing more and a lot of free time!
 And if you are expecting me to give some inspirational bullshit on what to do or how to be happy, you're not going to get it. I am as pissed off as every body else. You see, I have reproduced already, three times just in case. My job is done, I have ticked the one item on my to do list.
So what now? In ancient times I would  be the wise one, the go to girl for advice, but now we have google. I am obsolete!
So now it is the time to value what I have, my family, my friends, my things, my street, my town. It is time to relax so see and appreciate the beauty around me. My job is done, so I can focus on making my passage in life an enjoyable one.
Tomorrow is Monday and it can be just another boring Monday or it can be the day that I give the first step for a new period of my life...