Monday, 17 February 2014

When twitters write books

Have you ever read a book that, even though you find it interesting it has so many mistakes that all you want to do is to slap the author? Well I am reading, trying to read, one of those books!
The author doesn't make major mistakes, he might have  "they're" where he should have "their". Everyone makes mistakes, but this book is full of them and it annoys me!
And I think: self-publishing!!
Don't get me wrong, self-publishing is good, it's very good. It means that if I ever have a story to tell or information to share, I can compile it in a book and Amazon here I go.
It's great really, there is no guy in a suit to tell me that I suck. I will find that out later, when nobody downloads my book.
Obviously if you are going to self-publish you will have to promote the book yourself. You can go on Facebook and let people know that you wrote a book, ask for reviews, or do whatever you think of to get some readers. There is no pressure, you have nothing to lose, except maybe your self esteem but you can regain it quite easily. And the readers have now much more choice, choice of authors, of themes, of prices. So it's all good.
I only have one request for the authors: before you publish ask your partner, your kid, your friend, your next door neighbour, anyone, to read it for you. Please.