Friday, 14 February 2014

Meat: the good, the bad and the ugly

So, here I am, seasoning some lamb chops and listening to "The China Study" when the man in my ears says that "animal protein promotes disease". What?!!
Professor Schurman observed, in his famous  China study, that people on an animal protein diet were more likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and so on, than people on a plant base diet. I am very sceptical , aren't we carnivorous beings? Isn't it because we are meat eaters that I have these lovely lamb chops on my kitchen counter? Wasn't animal protein a key ingredient in our evolution?
I can picture a group of Cavemen walking around, eating some plants and fruits, once in a while one dies of food poisoning (they're still learning to feed themselves) but at some point they agreed that their diet wasn't good enough, they needed something else. And the hunting started. 
 Millions of years later and here we are, big brained humans, so smart and knowledgeable! We have so much knowledge that we decided that we were much better than Nature at making our own food. It was about this time that we develop high protein, hormone full cattle food, so we could have more meat and faster. And because nothing could be left to chance we started giving medication to our animals. So now whenever we eat meat we also eat hormones, antibiotics and, I'm sure, many other poisonous substances.
Professor Schurman, my apologies. I can see now how the consumption of meat can promote disease, but becoming a vegetarian is not a solution. We thrived on a meat based diet, let us continue to do so and stop messing about with our food.