Friday, 23 August 2013

Double dumb

Normally if someone is dumb they're dumb, it's  irrelevant how dumb they are, they are just dumb. But I am double dumb and the only good thing about it is that now I know. How did I find out? I took a step back and looked at what I was doing.
I got up this morning and while I was taking my breakfast I checked IG ( what poses were being done while I was sleeping, how many likes my pictures have, how many followers did I gain). I know, sad! I already said enough about IG, let's move on. After my coffee I checked my Tumblr page, where I post pictures of yoga poses with inspirational quotes, (yeah got new followers during the night and a reblog) sadder!
I did my yoga practice and then my "photoshoot", did my posting on IG (enough said about it).
So far I'm just dumb, The double part comes now.
I also have a page on Pinterest! Their concept is interesting, you can have there all the things you do, the ones you want to do, the places you visited and the ones you want to visit, things you like, things you want, you can share and reshare and do millions of different things. It is time consuming and you spend your time making wish lists instead of actually doing stuff.
A few days ago I decided to do a second FB page, I don't remember why (on the page it says that I'm filling an ordinary life with fun things, or something like that), it seemed a good idea!
So, I have a page for yoga, a page for thoughts, a page for inspirations, a page for my likings,
a page for my hobbies, a page for... I divided myself into little pieces and scattered them over the internet!! This, for me, is double, if not more, dumb!
I need to do something about it, this must be some kind of "mid-life crisis". Am I trying to find myself? or am I inventing myself?
I know what I want, a healthier, happier version of myself and my family. It's simple, I just need to do it rather than thinking about it!
"And in the end is not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."
- Abraham Lincoln