Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The world is my yoga mat

I am addicted to yoga pictures!
 When I started to practice yoga I learned  the standard poses and I repeated them everyday. My practice was mindful, I was there, in the moment, feeling my body and improving my strength and flexibility. I was happy!  But then I entered  the "virtual yoga world". I see pictures and videos and I try to do the poses. This took my yoga practice to another level. Everyday I practice for about 40 minutes and them I do a session of challenging poses, take some pictures and upload some on IG. It excites me to be able to do poses that look impossible, I feel more flexible and stronger, both in body and mind. But there is one thing (there is always one thing), now everywhere I go is a good place to burst into a yoga pose!
- This is a nice place, all it needs is a "warrior", and up a rock I go; -What a lovely view, I'll headstand and you take a picture.
 My family is losing their patience with me, I can feel that it's getting annoying but I can't stop. My excuse? I want to compete with my IG friends. They have lovely pictures with many likes, plenty of followers and I want that too!
I grew tired of saying " I can't do that", and I want to show that I can do that and this.
Yoga is not about doing the perfect pose nor being better than the neighbour, it is not a competition. Every yoga teacher will say this but if we push our limits, whether in yoga or in any other thing we do, are we not competing with ourselves? And if we feel the need to push our boundaries is it not to be better? Better than others? Even though we are evolved human beings, life is still about the survival of the fittest.
I am competitive in everything I do, I love to win and try to learn with defeats. I feel good about my outdoors yoga pictures, I am going to keep annoying my family with those (they're my family, they're stuck with me). It is good for my self confidence, and after all the world is my yoga mat!