Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Health care sucks!

Health care sucks!
My mother is waiting for a hip replacement surgery. She has been waiting for a long time.
She is in pain but she got used to it, she can manage! But everyday she tells me that it won't be long now, that they can call her at any minute ( that was what the doctor told her). It's been about 525600 minutes and still she waits!
This is very wrong, nobody should have to live in pain when the solution is clear but more importantly everybody should be told how long they have to wait for their surgery.
 Doctors know how many surgeries they do per week, allowing for some emergencies, I am sure that they know that if you're number x on the list you will probably be called within x weeks. It's pretty simple maths!
To inform people, they would have to respect them and I don't think they do. Doctors  treat us as if we were so ignorant that there is no point in going into details, they will do what needs to be done in their own time and all we need to do is wait (in ignorance).
So my mother is waiting.
 My mother didn't go on holidays because they could call her at any minute, she is not teaching art this year (something that she really loves), because they could call her at any minute.
She could be doing so many things, even with the pain, but instead she is practically house bound just because  our health providers think that information is not a priority. This is wrong!! 
It's the fact that she doesn't know when she is having surgery that is preventing her to do the things she likes,  not her hip! What the doctor did, so far, was to create another problem when he should be the solution.