Thursday, 27 October 2016

"A tee a day" adventure

Hello, here I am again this time to wrote about a new adventure.
I had another one of my ideas, I wanted to design and sell tee-shirts. This may sound simple but you need some skills to do it successfully and I don't have them. It's fine, I've been here before, all I need to do is to learn about designing a tee-shirt. And then learn how to sell it online, to make it visible for people to buy, this means that I will have to know about search engine optimization! At this point I usually start doubting about my abilities for the job ahead and dismiss it altogether but not this time.
I have committed myself to design a tee a day, and donate part of my earnings to a social project. For me this is huge, it means that everyday I have to sit down on my own and do something that I am not comfortable about. This project is going to teach me many things but above all is going to make me a much more organised and disciplined person.  
I have a site " A tee a day  ", where I am going to show all 365 designs, to design and sell the tees I am using  To choose a cause was easy, for a while that I have been keeping up with the work of 109 World Social Mission and I really hope I can help.
So far I have design four tees, with teespring you can use their tools or you can upload your own design. For now I am only using their resources, but I am expecting to try other methods, either way I am having fun doing it and when time comes to feel frustrated and overwhelmed I can't give up, the word out there is that I am designing a tee a day'.


                                         This one is Tee number 4
                                                      my favorite so far

See you next time, with updates on the project