Saturday, 23 January 2016

Horsing About

In "our" farm there is a horse trekking center. My oldest daughter is working there and my youngest is helping after school and on the weekends. Every day I go up and hang around the yard, talking with the horses, I quite enjoy their company.
Keeping horses is hard work and expensive, not that I have to worry about it, but these animals need a lot of maintenance! They have new shoes every six weeks, they even need regular dentist visits! But it's the shoes that troubles me. Horseshoes protect the hoof against excessive wear, and I found out that there is a wide variety of materials and styles developed for different horses and the work they do, but mainly they're metal horseshoes made in a forge and fitted by a farrier!
I was looking at him bending and nailing the horse shoes to their hooves and thinking
"give this man a 3D hand scanner and let him 3D print the shoes" 
                                                         See you later,