Thursday, 11 July 2013

Which finger?

Marco and I have been playing "100 doors", a game where you have to resolve puzzles to unlock the door. I got to a level that had eight lights on each side of the door and they had to be all green at the same time to unlock it, problem was that they weren't on for long, I had to be quick. So I blew on my index finger and put it to work, after four or five attempts I was in. When Marco got to that level ( he knows his index finger is slow), he asked Vera to do it. Vera took the phone and with both thumbs passed the level on her first go !!! Marco couldn't believe that he never thought of using two fingers but , of course, I have a theory. Using your thumbs to press buttons is not natural, it is just something that teenagers invented to be able to text more in less time. Using index finger is natural!
You learn as a toddler the power of the index finger,( only as a teen you learn the power of the middle finger) you point it to something that you want, make a lot of noise and you get it,( you also find that you can stick it up your nose or poke someone's eye).   My daughters did all this, but from there they started to play with game consoles, computers, phones and that was when they found out about the other fingers. Nobody told me that I had other useful fingers, my toys had no buttons (they were voice operated, and did everything I wanted),  my house phone had no buttons, only a disc with holes and it was clear that you had to use your index finger to operate it (the others wouldn't be strong enough). Now, as an adult, I ignore my other fingers, they were never of any use for me, so I text with my index(I tried to do it with both thumbs but I dropped the phone) and I type with two fingers ( but I use my thumb to hit the space bar).
It would be easy to learn how to do it in a more efficient way (and less embarrassing for the girls) but do I really need to waste a couple of hours with this? I think that we should never stop learning, and acquiring new skills but you need to love them. In our lives we  do so many things just because we have to, we should spend our free time doing what we like and not be worried about what other people may think. I have a big list of skills that I want to have, but this typing one is not on it!
I'm off  to practice forearm stands, my new skill, what are you going to learn today?