Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Am I a loner?

Last month I started to go to yoga classes, I thought that having a "real" teacher and colleagues would be nice, we could talk about our experiences and connect over something that we love. Didn't happen. The teacher was lovely but it didn't feel right. Big disappointment.
I think that the yoga  should be done alone, with no distractions, but we do need someone to help with alignment and to push us to go further in our practice.
I do my yoga everyday, I take pictures of some poses so I can see and correct my alignment, but I was missing some feedback. And that's when Instagram came in. There is a big community of people practicing yoga and posting pictures. There are teachers with their yoga studios that post pictures and explanations of poses and how to do them, they challenge their followers to do those poses and to show them on IG, they comment and support. The idea is to inspire and get people to do yoga every day. I started to upload pictures and do some of those daily challenges and soon I was having the feedback and support  I craved. I have now some virtual friends, they are beginners trying to squeeze yoga in a busy day just like me. We "talk" everyday trough comments on pictures, we monitor our progress, we inspire each other. This virtual relationship seems to be enough for me, it makes me feel part of a community, is it wrong?
 I like to be with people, I spend my days talking to people, I have friends, "real" ones, those that you can grab a coffee with or go for dinner, but they like other stuff, they don't do yoga .  So is it wrong that I feel close to people that I never saw? Is it wrong that I can't find time to go out with my next door neighbour but there's plenty of time to write messages for my virtual friends? Finding inspiration on IG?!! This has to be wrong!