Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Happy me!

Where I came from is unthinkable to drink a coffee "on the go", we sit, we drink an espresso and then we go. In Ireland everyone drinks coffee from a paper cup, while walking or driving or even working! And they're big, big cups! And they drink it through a little hole on the lid!  No!! That's not the way, that is not how people drink coffee!
This morning, like all mornings of the last eight years, I went to buy my coffee, in a big paper cup, with lid, and as I was walking home drinking  it through a little hole I felt happy, and I thought " girl, you're easy!"
I am easy, I fill my days with little happy moments, I make the most with what I have, I adapt easily, I can see the good side of almost everything. 
I can get annoyed and angry like everybody else but I don't hold on to those feelings. The peaceful moments, those I let them linger until they fill me with joy.
Happiness happens, but we have to let it happen, it is all in our mind.  We have to want to be happy, then it's easy, you only need a little practice. Every morning try to set the   intention of being happy, say " today I am going to be happy", hold on to that thought and you will be surprised how everything looks much brighter.
For me, I'm easy, anything can bring me joy, anything can make me laugh, but I will give some examples of my daily happy moments:
- my morning, "on the go" coffee, especially on a cold morning
- my yoga practice
- outrageous things my daughters say
- sharing jokes with Marco
- watching South Park
- playing with my daughters
- playing with the dogs
- family dinner
- laughing with my colleagues
Then comes the weekend, and I can spend time with Marco and the girls, and that, for me is pure bliss.
Yep, I'm a pretty happy person!